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JAG Online vs. 1.31!
Hereingestellt am Dienstag, dem 09. März 2004 @ 22:57:03 von PHP-Nuke-Service

JAG Online vs. 1.31 für PHPNuke 6.5-7.1 unterstützt bis zu 4 wichtige Funktionen auf einer Nuke-Seite: eine Login-Box, Statistiken der Private Messages, Mitglieder-Statistiken und eine kombinierte Who's online und Who's where Information ...

Hier gibt es weitere Informationen und den Download!


Für die Inhalte dieser Veröffentlichung ist nicht als News-Portal sondern ausschließlich der Autor verantwortlich (siehe AGB). Haftungsausschluss: distanziert sich von dem Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung (News / Pressemitteilung inklusive etwaiger Bilder) und macht sich diesen demzufolge auch nicht zu Eigen!

"JAG Online vs. 1.31!" | Hallo Gast, Sie sind ein anonymer Besucher. Sie können sich hier kostenlos anmelden! | 0 Kommentare
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 JAG Countdown vs. 1.10
Beschreibung: This block for PHPNuke 5.6-7.1 does exactly what is says; it counts down. And not just from one date, you can line up 3 different dates (if you want). Each date has its own unique caption that will be shown over the count down which is broken down and displayed as Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds. It also has the ability to show images (either random or static) above or below the countdown. These images can be turned on / off from the a variable in the script.
This count down happens live and you can watch the seconds tick away in front of you. Once the first date has been reached the caption changes to the second and it starts counting down to the second date. The same then applies for the third date. This gives you time to remove or edit the block to add new dates and so on with out having a period where the block remains at zero. Once the block reaches the third date it will simply remain at zero!
Hinzugefügt am: 09.03.2004 Besucher: 116 Kategorie: Nuke-Blöcke/Zusätzliche

 JAG Location vs. 1.00
Beschreibung: JAG Location Hack for PHPNuke 6.5-7.1 alters the location option in your account to be in the form of a combo box and is populated with the locations that are found in the images/flags folder.
The hack also makes picking a location upon registration compulsory.
This Hack requires flag images named correctly in the images/flags folder. If you do not have these you can get the flag images by downloading the JAG Online Block and using them from that.
Suggestions and Ideas are always welcome so please let me know if you think we should add something (or remove something)!
Hinzugefügt am: 09.03.2004 Besucher: 30 Kategorie: - Nuke Mods & Hacks

 JAG Online vs. 1.31
Beschreibung: JAG Online vs. 1.31 for PHPNuke 6.5-7.1 provides up to 4 main functions on your site. A login box, private messages stats, membership stats and a combined who's online and who's where information section.
One of the best features of this block is that you only use what you want you can turn on / off almost all the information in the block to have a customised look the way you want, all via an admin section. So no editing of the files or code is.
This version also has an Automatic Flag Detection option that will detect and show the flag of the location of your members and guests. It also splits all guests into guests and spiders and shows you what spiders are on your site!
Hinzugefügt am: 09.03.2004 Besucher: 195 Bewertung: (1 Stimme) Kategorie: Nuke-Blöcke/WhoIs

 JAG Whos Been vs. 1.00
Beschreibung: This block is an altered version of the Last Seen block. What’s the difference, well the code has been redone to make the block more stable as previous versions were causing SQL stability problems.
This Block allows you to show the last X number of members who visited your site, X been set in the Admin Section (no editing of the files required). Also you have several other options that can be set via this Admin Section.
Suggestions and Ideas are always welcome so please let me know if you think we should add something (or remove something)!
Hinzugefügt am: 09.03.2004 Besucher: 51 Kategorie: Nuke-Blöcke/WhoIs

 PHPNuke 7.6 tar.tar
Beschreibung: Die bis dato (17.11.04) neueste Version. Änderungen:
- According with the email number 213080 to Dave Turner (GPL Compliance Engineer) from the Free Software Foundation, the copyright notices of PHP-Nuke has been changed in order to be 100% compliant with the GPL license section 2(c). This copyright notices can't be removed and the Commercial License becomes 100% compliant with the GPL license. Hope this is the end of the story for the people that doesn't understand a bit of the GPL. Again, if you want to legaly remove the copyright notices from PHP-Nuke generated pages you must purchase the Commercial License, see for more details and stop complaining about this issue, the Commercial License is legal, GPL compliant and approved by the Free Software Foundation. End of story.
- Fixed administrator edit function that didn't show the authorized modules to administer. (Thanks to jaggura from
- Added FireFox ( browser support for site's counter that will show in Statistics module.
- Added RSS feed support for FireFox browser's Live Bookmarks.
- By popular demand and to avoid some administration system non-authorized entries attempts, now you can just rename the file admin.php to whatever_you_want.php and set the name in config.php file. Doing this nobody knows what's your administration filename. Additionaly a new method of URL redirection has been added to hide the referer when you click on a link inside administration system. If you have old administration modules not compatible with this new system you'll get "Access Denied" message. If this is the case, leave the admin.php file with its original name while you modify the modules or get a new compatible version of it.
- Added a new folder called /includes/custom_files where, if exists the files custom_mainfile.php, custom_header.php and custom_footer.php they will be included from mainfile.php, header.php and/or footer.php respectively. Also the file /includes/my_header.php has been removed and added the new /includes/custom_files/custom_head.php for anything that should be between and html tags in the code. With this feature will be more easy to update a site without lost your custom changes. These files will not be shipped with PHP-Nuke to avoid possible overwritting when updating the code. (Thanks to André V. Escudero for the tip)
- Moved Forums administration to the module's folder (Thanks to Chatserv from
- Added an extra check to administrators/authors adition functions to grant access to the superuser only (Thanks to Chatserv from
- Fixed a search results bug in Forums module (Thanks to Chatserv from
- Fixed a bug in the 7.3 to 7.4 upgrade file for Sections module migration (Thanks to Chatserv from
- Changed the password generator in Your Account module. System generated passwords now are 3 letters, 2 numbers and 3 letters.
- Fixed update_points() function call to clickbanner() function on banners.php
- Changed anonymous permissions for broken link report and modification requests in Downloads and Web Links modules!
Hinzugefügt am: 01.12.2004 Besucher: 1023 Bewertung: (1 Stimme) Kategorie: ! Basic-Packs Nuke
Beschreibung: Dieser Block bietet einen Image-Link zu (Image siehe hier). Einfach entpacken, editieren (um diesen Block nutzen und 15% Provision erhalten zu können, muß man sich bei anmelden (mit 5 Euro Startguthaben!) und dann die tid in Zeile 30 und 31 gegen die eigene tid austauschen) und danach die Datei in das Verzeichnis blocks einspielen!
Hinzugefügt am: 03.09.2002 Besucher: 59 Kategorie: Nuke-Blöcke/Shopping

 Your Account 6.9 Location Hack
Beschreibung: JAG Location Hack alters the location option in your account to be in the form of a combo box and is populated with the locations that are found in the images/flags folder.
The hack also makes picking a location upon registration compulsory.
This Hack requires flag images named correctly in the images/flags folder. If you do not have these you can get the flag images by downloading the JAG Online Block and using them from that!
Hinzugefügt am: 07.02.2004 Besucher: 30 Kategorie: Nuke-Module/Basic

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 Jagd bei
Beschreibung: istt eine Homepage zu Interessantem für Flieger!
Hinzugefügt am: 28.08.2002 Besucher: 456 Kategorie: Hobby-Seiten

 Ökologischer Jagdverein e.V. bei
Beschreibung: Homepage des Ökologischen Jagdvereins e.V.
Hinzugefügt am: 15.04.2002 Besucher: 422 Bewertung: 8.67 (3 Stimmen) Kategorie: Natur-Seiten

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 Na...da hat sich aber jemand einen bösen Scherz erlaubt. php und asp werden und müssen grundsätzlich im Ascii Modus übertragen. Außerdem ist es doch gleichgültig wie man was auf den Server jagt. ... (EIERKOPP, )

 a) ja...per phpmyadmin angelegt. b) Die Einstellungen hab ich gemacht und auf den Server gejagt. Leider finde ich keine deutsche Information. Das ist ist wirklich sehr bedauerlich. Warum gibt e ... (EIERKOPP, )

 Hallo Uli 1 Wo hast Du die Seite gehostet ? 2 Wie sieht Deine Config.php aus ? Die Fehler liegen in der Config.php. Da bin ich 100 Pro überzeugt. Ich biete Dir noch einmal an die Seite für ... (peterchen, )

 Ach noch was wichtiges. Du mußt auch die Datenbank noch mal löschen und durch nukesql.php wieder neu erstellen, nachdem Du die neue Config.php hochgejagt hast.

(peterchen, )

naja du hast doch im admin-menü einen punkt - blöcke -. Dort kannst du die positionen der einzelnen blöcke einstellen, wie z.b. die seite und die position (links 1, oder rechts 2 und ähnliches). sollt ... (ozzi, )


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JAG Online vs. 1.31! @

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