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PHPNuke 5.5 Final ist fertig!
Hereingestellt am Freitag, dem 15. Februar 2002 @ 15:19:37 von PHP-Nuke-Service

Wie F.B. soeben hier mitteilt, ist PHPNuke 5.5 Final fertig und freigegeben, die neueste Version kann hier (zip) oder hier (tar.gz) bei uns gedownloadet werden. Hier die vielen neuen Features:...

- Added a very cool function to check if a module is activated.
Call it: is_active("Module_Name"); Returns 1 if active or 0 if not. Use the module "title" in the database to make the check. This will help in the future to really integrate all modules with the core system and to establish some dependencies between parts of the site.
- Added Send Private Message to any user from Your Account page, also check if user exists
- Removed some unused variables in user's system when edit home and theme
- Fixed morelink structure
- Fixed comments inclusion and comments bar show in article's page
- Fixed the Random Headlines block to correctly select the topic
- Fixed quotes bugs in Search module, Downloads search and Web Links search
- Administration online manual has been removed because it became too obsolet (PDF detailed manuals in the future)
- Removed the check for "("and")" from mainfile.php because problems with some modules
- Fixed slashes bug in Search module
- Fixed Surveys votes results in article's attached poll
- Fixed to solve bad url entries in user's page
- Fixed bad variable name that prevents to view comments according with your cookie options
- Added voteinclude.php file in Downloads module
- Modularized all translations. The new schema: Administration texts are in /admin/language/, Core system texts including all blocks' texts are in the usual directory /language/ and each module has its own language directory. This is more annoying to translate but the performance gain is great. There is anew function to call translations from a module, you can use the following syntax: require_once("mainfile.php"); $module_name = basename(dirname(__FILE__)); get_lang($module_name);
- Added TRANSLATION text file with translations credits
(Reason: too complicated to strip the credits from each translation with the script that modularized them, anyway is much more organized on this way and we can save previous translations credits in a more easy way)
- Private Messages has been converted into a module
- Changed Printer Friendly Page and Send to a Friend icons and added icons to options blocks
- Fixed query limit bug in Stories Archive module
- Fixed Content block link to open specific page and not the index
- Removed default administrator. The system will create one with your info on the very first run or admin.php
(and since this can be security issue, the best is to do this as the first step on your fresh installation, this warning has been added on INSTALL file and in the default system message in bold fonts.)
- Topics module now opens a new index instead of search page (search option enabled at the top of the page)
- Fixed a typo in the downloads module and in the Top's page (downloads stats)
- Added article's rating system
- Added most voted and best rated stories in Top's module
- Added Score information in $morelink
- Added Score information in Stories Archive
- Fixed some english translation typos in Web Links module
- Fixed links and downloads categories parentid fields type, changed from tinyint() to int()
- Added GZ compression to increase the load speed (This function requires at least PHP 4.0.4 compiled with zlib, so if you want to remove it, just delete the first code line in mainfile.php where you read: ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); Thanks for this suggestion goes to Andrej Lesjak from http://www.poljub.com)
- Fixed Encyclopedia bug that show terms only for admins
- Fixed bug to prevent Anonymous user to act as a registered user in some parts of the site
- Removed tag from banners.php when show banner's image
- Added the use of getimagesize to automaticaly set width and height for some images on the code
- Now you'll not see "send private messsage to yourself" in user page but you can see it if you browse another user
- Added Private Messages block on the user's page
- Fixed Surveys total votes sum in the Top page
- Fixed a bug when editing an encyclopedia
- Changed, at last, AllTopics.gif image (for search engine)
- Search function has been converted into a module
- Fixed a table bug in Old Articles block
- Little organization in the admin case files
- Added All Categories link to the Categories block
- Removed feature to include files from index.php due to a high vulnerability risk (Will be available in a future module)
- Removed default author and created default Super User creation on first login
- Added restrictive .htaccess on some directories
- Changed automated news publication time from the last hit to the real programmed time
- Surveys converted into a module
- Added a new file /includes/my_header.php so you can put a custom header between both "head" tags
- Added additional Detailed Statistics based on NukeStats (Thanks to Harry Mangindaan from http://www.nuketest.com )
- Added sql_free_results function in the sql_layer file (Thanks to Harry Mangindaan from http://www.nuketest.com )
- Added Center block feature (uses same blocks files in /blocks/ directory but remeber that not all blocks looks good on center, just a matter of creativity by your side. Look at block "Last 5 Articles" for an example)
- Fixed bug in admin that changes the stories author's name after edit and admin
- Added functionality to remove user from session after user's logout
- Fixed smilies in Forums (Thanks goes to cyberpuke from http://cyberpuke.hele.net)
- Fixed newsletter administration bug when assign it to a new author
- Fixed some bad file permissions (Thanks goes to cyberpuke from http://cyberpuke.hele.net)
- Fixed a bad db query in forums administration (Thanks goes to cyberpuke from http://cyberpuke.hele.net)
- Fixed all modules links in language files
- Added missing close table HTML tag in Older Articles block
- Added some missing translations for Forums
- Changes all $prefix"._????." for ".$prefix."_???? in all files (believe me, took me 3 minutes ;))
- Changed $description to $cdescription in Web Links
- Added missing admin db queries in administration main (for multiple admins)
- Added Atomic Journal module (Created by Trevor from http://www.trevor.net)
- Added missing translation to Downloads Administration system
- Added News redirection if story ID doesn't exist
- Changed $prefix to $user_prefix in Members List module (Thanks to Duke from http://nuke-security.com)
- counter.php file moved to includes directory
- Fixed Login block load inside article's page to math the new blocks distribution
- Removed $myIP from config.php and banners now check if you're administrator to not count impressions
- Added Categories for Content Manager (If you don't want to use it, just don't add categories)
- Fixed alignment on Post Comment buttons (Thanks to eXodus from http://www.exodus-news.net)
- Added missing globals on index.php for referers function
- Fixed some bad switch's variables calls into Downloads and Web Links
- Cosmetic changes and translations added to Feedback module
- Changed CREDITS file to credit only non-visible hacks/scripts, otherwhise credits are on each script header
- Fixed footer messages quotes bug in settings.php under administration section
- Minor cosmetic changes in Web Links administration (bold text that should be normal)
- Added new unlimited deep for downloads categories (Thanks goes to Paladin from http://www.synergy-international.com)
- Uncommented the sql_debug variable on sql_layer (Thanks goes to AngelNegro, the first to remember me this issue)
- Fixed index file include check for ":" to not includes complete urls
- Fixed random selection on Random Headlines block
- Little cosmetic changes in the administrator's block only for a fresh install (added more links)
- Added functionality to select what module do you want in the homepage (Forced to be Active and for All visitors)
- Main Menu block removed and replaced with Modules block by default
(Due to the new features added on Modules block you may evaluate the possibility to rename Modules block to Main Menu, anyway, this is a personal decision you need to take)
- Default Home module has a link to Home in the Modules block
- News, Users, Submit News, Stats, Top and Topics converted into modules
(Remember to change all the links in your custom themes!!!)
- Current Poll in admin main screen doesn't show anymore article's related polls
- Fixed who is online data grab when block isn't active or is admin only
- Fixed Survey errors when multilingual option is enabled
- Added Slovenian translation
- Added Turkish translation
- Fixed missing image in forum images directory
- Fixed typo in languages for forums translation
- Fixed type in forum administration module
- Fixed Printer Friendly Page and Send to a Friend links for articles in homepage
- Fixed Edit User link in user's page
- Fixed newsletter subscription bug (a missing variable pass in the saveuser function of user.php)
- A note for the 5.4 release: Printer Friendly and Send to Friend graphic links in homepage are visible only for users


Für die Inhalte dieser Veröffentlichung ist nicht PHPNuke-Service.de als News-Portal sondern ausschließlich der Autor verantwortlich (siehe AGB). Haftungsausschluss: PHPNuke-Service.de distanziert sich von dem Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung (News / Pressemitteilung inklusive etwaiger Bilder) und macht sich diesen demzufolge auch nicht zu Eigen!

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  Donations Block [PayPal] vs. 1.1
Beschreibung: This simple block allows you to receive money thru PayPal. Just put the .php file in the blocks/ directory, change the email address to your PayPal email address in that file, then Add the New Block thru the Administration area. That's it! Installation directions are also in the .txt file. See it working on this site. This assumes you have already setup a PayPal account, if not that is easy too!
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  Flash-Games für PHPNuke vs. 1.0
Beschreibung: 6 Flash-Games für PHPNuke: Bubble Shooter, Diamond Mine, Blast Billards, Free Cell Solitaire, Mahjongg: Alchemy sowie Slingo Delux.
Das Modul wurde von Browser-Games-Online.de entwickelt und kann hier angesehen werden: Modul Browsergames_BGO !
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 ! ! PostNuke emulator CrossNuke for phpNuke vs. 5.5.1b
Beschreibung: Now you may use modules and blocks developed for PostNuke Mutant and Rogue releases in phpNuke environment without any modifications.
PostNuke emulation is based on Rogue .712 release.
- Advanced Admin system (PostNuke Mutant and Rogue compatible)
- Advanced Block System (PostNuke Mutant and Rogue compatible)
- Message Block separated
- Headlines moved to separate module
- Registered users may minimize/restore blocks
- PostNuke Mutant and Rogue module and block compatibility!
Hinzugefügt am: 26.05.2002 Besucher: 113 Kategorie: - PostNuke-Adapting

 ! ! PostNuke emulator CrossNuke for phpNuke vs. 5.6.4
Beschreibung: Now you may use modules and blocks developed for PostNuke Mutant and Rogue releases in phpNuke environment without any modifications.
- Advanced Admin system
- Enhanced Modules management
- automatically and intelligently installs tables
- automatically installs modules with install.php (if founds modulename.sql file in module/modulename/includes dir)
- Advanced Block System
- Convenient block positioning and movement
- Message Block became regular centerblock
- Headlines moved to separate module
- Enhanced blocks: Registered users may minimize/restore blocks
Hinzugefügt am: 06.06.2002 Besucher: 212 Kategorie: - PostNuke-Adapting

 ! ! PostNuke emulator Crossnuke_PNModulizer vs. 0.4
Beschreibung: CrossNuke PNModulizer is a special edition of CrossNuke Modulizer: designed to run PostNuke in PHP-Nuke environment.
Modulized PostNuke shares PHP-Nuke user table and PNModulizer takes care of synchronized user and admin login/logoff events.
This release may be used as a template. We have customized this module to run safely the pnFlashGames module in the PHP-Nuke environment, but feel free to create your own modules in seconds.
For more information please read the FAQ!
Hinzugefügt am: 13.03.2005 Besucher: 19 Kategorie: - PostNuke-Adapting

 ! AppServ vs. 1.8.0
Beschreibung: AMP-System inclus. PHPNuke vs. 5.6, vs. 1.8.0 Package includes:
Apache 1.3.26
Apache Monitor
PHP 4.2.3
MySQL 3.23.52
PHP-Nuke 5.6
phpMyAdmin 2.3.0
Hinzugefügt am: 14.04.2003 Besucher: 26 Kategorie: Zubehör: LAMP/WAMP

 ! AppServ vs. 1.9.0
Beschreibung: AMP-System inclus. PHPNuke vs. 6.0, vs. 1.9.0 Package includes:
Re-Rebuild Package
Apache 1.3.27
Apache Monitor
PHP 4.3.0
MySQL 3.23.54
PHP-Nuke 6.0
phpMyAdmin 2.3.3p1
Hinzugefügt am: 14.04.2003 Besucher: 35 Kategorie: Zubehör: LAMP/WAMP

 ! AppServ vs. 2.0.0
Beschreibung: AMP-System inclus. PHPNuke vs. 6.5, vs. 2.0.0 Package includes:
Register Global set to ON now!
Apache can define port
Apache 1.3.27
Apache Monitor
PHP 4.3.1
MySQL 4.0.12
PHP-Nuke 6.5
phpMyAdmin 2.4.0
Hinzugefügt am: 14.04.2003 Besucher: 153 Kategorie: Zubehör: LAMP/WAMP

 ! AppServ vs. 2.4.3 exe
Beschreibung: PHP 4.3.10
Apache 1.3.33
MySQL 4.1.8
Zend Optimizer 2.5.7
phpMyAdmin 2.6.1-rc2!
Hinzugefügt am: 25.03.2005 Besucher: 13 Kategorie: Zubehör: LAMP/WAMP

 ! AppServ vs. 2.5.3 exe
Beschreibung: PHP 5.0.3
Apache 2.0.52
MySQL 4.1.8
Zend Optimizer 2.5.7
phpMyAdmin 2.6.1-rc2!
Hinzugefügt am: 25.03.2005 Besucher: 20 Kategorie: Zubehör: LAMP/WAMP

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 ! Warp-Speed.de
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 PHP 4.x wird z.B. angeboten von webhostface: https://my.webhostface.com/aff.php?aff=927 (Harald, )

 PHP4 bietet kaum noch jemand an. Das X-Forum ist allerdings recht leicht für PHP 5.x anpassbar. (HildeBL, )

 I\'m searching for a script to relocate Xforum (at Phpnuke) on phpbb discussion (likewise on Phpnuke). On the off chance that somebody could help, I would be exceptionally upbeat! (Cathleen, )

 Ein captcha-mod steht im Download-Bereich: http://www.phpnuke-service.de/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=1229 (HarryB, )

 Das XForum läuft z.B. nicht mit PHP > 4.x ! (HildeBL, )

 What PHP version are you using? Fix PHP 5.2.x in mainfile.php: error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED); PHP 5.3.x: http://www.devthought.com/2009/06/09/fix-ereg-is-deprecated-errors-in-php- ... (pmxCart, )

 Einfach mal nachschauen, ob die deiteche Sprach-Version (german.php) dabei ist. Wenn ja: Einfach in der Configuration auf DE umstellen! (KlausFM, )

 PHpNuke 6.0 sollte mit PHP 5.2 laufen - aber nicht alle Zusatz-Module. Einfach mal testen! Sicher sollten die 7er Versionen von PHPnuke mit PHP 5.2 laufen. (Franzi, )

 [quote]wie bekomme ich es hin das auch die rechten balken angezeigt werden?[/quote] Wenn damit die rechte Navigation gemeint ist: Am Anfang der index.php des Moduls muss stehen: $index = 2; (Franzi, )


Werbung bei PHPNuke Service DE:


PHPNuke 5.5 Final ist fertig! @ PHPNuke-Service.de

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