PHPNuke 5.4 BETA!
Datum: Freitag, dem 11. Januar 2002 @ 07:33:36
Thema: PHPNuke-Infos

Die PHPNuke-Version 5.4 BETA ist freigegeben, wie F.B. hier mitteilt! Das sind die Neuerungen:...

- Fixed some table's colors in private messages
- Fixed some "for" statement for poll options
- Fixed escape in html template files of NukeNews theme
- Fixed bug that prevents to show the first system's poll in the main admin screen
- Added phpBB forums integration as a module (This requires more work yet, but it works)
- Added Who's Online information in the main administration page
- Fixed bad topic images path in 3D-Fantasy theme
- Changed BBCode graphics buttons in Private Messages system
- Removed the Filemanager. Too many security bugs to handle
- Removed DeviantNuke theme uppong request of DeviantArt owner
- Added missing _ in MSNM translation in user.php
- Fixed new user registration email check to allow longer first level domain names (max 6 characters now)
- Added missing globals in Web Links functions
- Added title html tag on each article's page (will be added in more files)
- Removed an old translate function call in stories administration module
- Fixed CSS (Cross Site Script) security vulnerabilities
- Added Section Articles block with last 10 articles
- Added Reviews block with last 10 reviews - Removed all topics images and text but PHP-Nuke to give a clean installation (Also that stupid AMD logo)
- Fixed a topics list selection bug when creating a new poll
- Added new two columns theme (Odyssey - Thanks to TrevorS from for cool tips on his BlueTrevor theme!)
- Added custom_title field in modules table to customize the title in the module's block (Useful for some language's special characters not accepted in directorie's names)
- Added Encyclopedia Generator Module (useful for whatever alphabetical listing content, enjoy!)
- Changed Addons switch variable name from $op to $mop (by popular demand !?)
- Added MD5 password encryption for authors/admins table
- Added MD5 password encryption for users table
- Removed $system variable from the whole code
- Modularized Sections script
- Modularized Reviews script
- Added Database Optimization module into administration menu
- Added Database Backup utility in administration
- Removed Send To Friend and Printer Friendly Page graphics/links from homepage
- Fixed some CSS classes and added some missing classes as well
- Added Content Manager to create static pages (maybe this will replace sections in the future)
- Fixed the "Readme More" line links (index and categories)
- Fixed the Topic Image in the story page of NukeNews theme
- Added missing $user_prefix in user's database calls in some files
- Added new Stories Archives module, multilingual compatible
- Blocks Administration re-designed and re-organized
- Active/Added blocks doesn't show in the "add new block" block's list, will appear again if you delete it
- Inactive blocks can be previewed now before activate it (just to make your life easy)
- Added function to fix blocks weight conflicts
- Created some new blocks in /blocks/ directory
- Replaced some fixed blocks by block's files
- Added new SYSTEM block's category
- Fixed a bug in Messages (Inverted Anonymous with Registered users)
- Email Notification for new submissions has been extended with all the story data
- Added Web Links Hack with unlimited sub-categories (Thanks to Ptilou from
- Little re-organization on the Past Article's block generated code

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